About Treats Hibiscus Drink 


Treats Hibiscus Drink is made from the Roselle (hibiscus) plant, which is known as Sorrel in the Caribbean.The natural benefits derived from hibiscus makes Treats the perfect choice of drink to quench your thirst and help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Get yourself a juicy treat all year round!

Great Taste 

Non - Alcoholic Drink 

Xmas Drink 

Summer Drink 

Fun Drink 

Love it Drink 

My friends have always asked me to prepare my special Sorrel recipe when they come for a visit and, for a long while now, I’ve been gifting bottles to my family and friends.

Treats Hibiscus Drink is about sharing the benefits of drinking hibiscus with everyone. 


Many names, one essential ingredient


I grew up drinking Sorrel/Zobo. My mum made it, my aunt made it, my grandmother made it. Now I make it for my little ones.

For communities all over the world, it’s a drink synonymous with celebration, families, good health and wellbeing. When we drink it, we think of it as a treat for our bodies, for our hearts and our minds.

Treats Hibiscus Drink is my own special variation of a hibiscus drink that is loved the world over. Whatever the name and however the drink is drunk locally (hot, cold, every day or just for special occasions), it shares on essential ingredient – hibiscus.

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A healthy & delicious drink for the whole family

As a busy mum of two, I really care about giving my family food and drink that will nourish their bodies and minds as they grow and that will help me feel good and energetic. 

It’s so easy to reach for a chocolate bar or a mug of coffee when you need a pick me up but it doesn’t make you feel good in the long run. Even concentrated fruit juices and smoothies are packed full of sugar and might not be as good for you as you think. 

Throughout my life, I’ve always turned to hibiscus drinks that appeases my sweet tooth. I want to give you the option of doing this too.

I hope you love Treats Hibiscus Drink as much as I do.